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Fast . Accurate . Easy 

Designed to make your job easier.


Spot opportunities.

1 Spot.png

Find the right plot.

With the opportunity spotting function, you can easily filter parcel data based on all kinds of criteria. Vellum links plots to sources such as spatial plans and Statistics Netherlands, making it possible to filter plots based on plot size, building height, GRA, ground surface area, zoning, but also statistical data and more. 

Create your own shortlists. 

You can easily save locations and add them to your shortlist for further research later. Vellum automatically retrieves important data, such as the address, zoning details, parcel size and more. 

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Generate Mass Studies.

3 Hundredss.png

Mass studies in a few clicks. 

Vellum's powerful generative engine helps you generate comprehensive mass studies in just a few clicks. Enter the dimensions, specify a unit mix and Vellum does the rest. 

You can fully modify all buildings afterwards, including the grids and layouts of the apartments.


Extensive building options. 

Vellum has extensive options for all building typologies. From corridor flats, to gallery flats, to towers, to landed housing and streets. All fully generated and fully customisable. Add finishing touches with objects like trees and cars to bring your studies to life. 


Parking and storage. 

Vellum automatically generates parking spaces and storage areas inside and outside buildings. With the simple interface you quickly define your parking field, and Vellum automatically optimises your parking spaces. 

Accurate insight into form factors.

Vellum gives you real-time insight into all form factors of the generated concepts, such as GFA, NFA, built-up area, parking ratios and much more. 

form factors.jpg

Manage your data. 

5 Maps.png

All your maps in one place.

Vellum brings all relevant map data together in a clear overview. Overlay different layers like building data, spatial plans, sound maps and statistical data. Missing any? Additional map layers can be added via special request. 

Ownership data.

Vellums links your locations to the land register, which makes it possible to retrieve property data information in one click. All ready in PDF format. 

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 16.11.48.png

Comprehensive overview of all your locations. 

Vellum gives you extensive options to have all the information you need about your locations in customised lists. The lists are easy to filter on, for example, status and phase, location, and property ownership. Categorise your projects using the many information fields available, or add your own notes. 

Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 11.18.59.png

Always on top of your pipeline. 

With the handy planboard you can track the phases of each acquisition. At a glance, you know who is working on what, and the status of your acquisition process.

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