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1. Explore potential sites

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Regulations overview

Vellum puts all the information you need at your fingertips. Start by choosing a plot you are interested in. Once selected, you have an overview of all relevant planning information. Get keen insight into what you can and cannot do within the planning limits.

Manage your risk

Vellum gives you immediate access to a multitude of sources so you know exactly what you're dealing with

  • Integrations with government map data

  • All regulation and building codes are accessible straight from the tool

Manage your permit risk by deciding whether you want to stay within or outside of planning limits. Again, these decisions can be made at any time of your feasibility assessment. Now, it is time to start exploring! Hit 'generate' to see what your numbers look like.

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2. Generate Massing Concepts

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Hundreds of building options

Once you hit 'generate', see your building concept come to life:

  • Generate flats, parking garages, office buildings and many more with just a few clicks

  • Rapidly test different iterations, using different parameters like unit mix, unit sizes and BVO-GBO ratios

Assess generated concepts

See how your massing changes with each input, with all data updated in real time:

  • Immediate insights into total BVO, BVO-GBO ratios, unit mix, unit sizes etc.

  • Real-time link into revenue, costs and profitability

Test out as many options as you like, and save your preferred ones for comparison later. 

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3. Analysis

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Business case insight

Vellum combines generative design with building regulations, leading to real time insight of your business case​.

  • All generated designs are linked to cost benefit calculations in a format that you are familiar with

  • Use standardised cost items or specify your own for eg. building costs, advisor costs and expected profitability.


Suddenly had an idea for a different parameter? Go back to generating new options based on your new insights. The whole process allows you seamless transitions between generating concepts to analysing returns, all on a single platform.

Environmental Analysis

See how your building behaves on the site, with simulations of shadows, daylight and proximity to neighbouring buildings.

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