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Thé acquisition platform for property developers

Get a better grip on your acquisition pipeline with smart software to quickly find opportunities, access all the maps you need, and quickly create your own mass studies.

Spot opportunities. Find promising sites.

Get ahead of your competition by being the first to discover interesting development locations. With Vellum you can easily filter plot data based on various criteria, such as plot size, destination, building height and function, but also statistical data such as distance to train stations. You can easily save locations for further analysis.

Stay in control. Do your own mass studies

Vellum's powerful generative engine enables you to analyse hundreds of concepts in any location. Whether it's a condo, an office tower, or a residential area, you can access key form factors like Gross Floor Area, Net Area and more with just a few clicks. Generate beautiful renderings ready for discussion with your local government. All concepts can be customised in real time. 5 additional floors? An extra parking layer? All in just a few clicks.

Skip the mess. Get a grip on your pipeline.

Vellum is a full-fledged CRM system that gives you full control over your pipeline. Vellum gives you quick insight into all kinds of data sources such as destination data, regulations, Natura2000, and sound maps. Vellum also gives you access to property owner data. Add all kinds of information to locations yourself, such as notes, phone numbers and much more. With handy plan boards and lists you have a quick overview of all your locations.

Bram Baak
Wilma Wonen
"Vellum helps me a lot in the early feasibility stage. I can quickly test out different options and make more accurate decisions on which scenario to proceed with."