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Vellum helps property developers make investment decisions with greater speed and accuracy



Seize your next real estate investment

Research site properties to discover investment possibilities. Immediate access to applicable regulations, zoning and neighbourhood information.


Generate hundreds of building options

Vellum generates a multitude of design concepts in a matter of minutes. Analyse designs based on GFA/NFA, unit mix and even light & ground shadows. Adjust concepts on the fly.


Make impactful decisions earlier

Get rapid insight to gross yield, residual land values and your cash flow with Vellum's built-in financial analysis tools.


Discover what we can do for you

Sometimes it takes weeks to carry out comprehensive studies and make important investment decisions - discover how we can help you do that in minutes.


Step 1 : Explore sites

Quickly look up cadastre sites and related information about the plot, and perform back of the envelope calculations with built-in standards.  

Immediately access to our vast regulation database containing destination plans, parking regulations and much more. We've put in thousands of hours to gather regulations from hundreds of government regulation documents so you don't have to.

Step 2 : Generate Concepts

Using Vellum's powerful generative engine, you can generate hundreds of concepts with a few clicks. Whether it's an apartment flat, office tower or a residential area, with a few clicks you have access to key metrics like GFA (BVO), NFA (NVO), and more. 

Generate beautiful renders that are ready to take to your government for discussion. All concepts can be adjusted in your browser any way you like. 5 more floors? one extra parking layer? It's just a few clicks away.

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Step 3 : Analyse

Vellum provides a full business case based on your preferences. Vellum has built-in defaults for revenue and cost calculations that give you immediate insight in metrics like the gross yield (BAR) and the residual land value of your investment.


Analyse buildings for light and shadow conditions to make sure your concepts are feasible.

Ready to get started?

We'd love to show you what we can do for you. 


What others say about us

"Vellum is filling the gap between my excel sheets and external consultants. Without spending a lot of money on consultants, we can run the early stage feasibility studies which is a tremendous help to our business."

Jaap Schans - ZLC Investment

"I love how Vellum allows me to determine the maximum potential of a project in a very cost- and time effective way."

Jurjen Munting - Rinkelberg Capital Ltd


"Joanne, Erik and Lennart are a stellar founding team with complementary skill sets. With Vellum, they are going to radically improve the early stage property development process where significant value is typically left untapped."

Youri Doeleman - Antler Netherlands Managing Partner


Case study

See how Vellum can help you assess sites within minutes through this case study, where Vellum was applied to help scout a site, generate buildings and create a business case within 15 minutes